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Here at Hello Sofas UK we are proud to offer you a wide range of the best luxury and affordable sofas in the UK. Whatever kind of sofa you are looking for, whether it is a traditional leather Chesterfield sofa or a more contemporary corner shape sofa, we can assure you that within our wide stock, we will have the right sofa for you and your home.Hello Sofas Designed From Yorkshire As affordable sofas combined with unbeatable quality is the philosophy at the heart of our company, we constantly strive to make sure that you receive not only the best sofa, but also the best and most competitive prices online. Free Style Corner Sofa At the same time however, we understand how important it is for our customers to receive a quick, reliable and friendly service, so that is why we make sure that all our services are among the best in the UK. When you are ordering a sofa suite from us however, it is important to remember to measure not only the room in which your brand new sofa is going to be placed, but also all the hallways in which it must pass. This is important, especially in new build and modern houses or apartments, as they are built to much smaller specifications. If however, you have any questions about any of our settees, corner sofas and furniture, you are more than welcome to contact us either via email or ring our dedicated service team. With sofas available from £319 and with free delivery, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t buy your next sofa from Hello Sofas.