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Why doesn’t believe in sales

When it comes to sofas, someone somewhere is always having a sale! Many people however go to sales and buy things they don’t need not to mention the long long waits! Sales attract people but many a time it turns out to be a wasted journey, not to mention the loss of sleep! That’s why at we don’t have a Christmas sale or a New Year’s sale or any sale for that matter. We believe in consistency all year round.

fabric corner sofa

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How to Choose the Right Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are becoming more and more popular these days, as they are great for smaller homes where there isn’t necessarily enough room for a spare bed due to space being at a premium. Old school put up beds conjure images of uncomfortable thin mattresses with springs sticking out at all angles, but the sofa beds of today are comfortable, stylish and affordable too. Continue reading

How to Clean…A Leather Sofa

When you have splashed out on a beautiful leather sofa, the last thing you want is to watch it gradually become dirty and covered in stains and dust, so it is important to clean it regularly to ensure the quality of the leather lasts for years to come.
The standard way to clean your leather sofa would be to buy some leather furniture cleaner, but before you jump into buying expensive bottles of the stuff, check out some alternative ways that you can clean your leather with items you may already have in the house: Continue reading

Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa


Here in the UK, we all love our sofas. They are an integral part of our lives as almost on a daily basis we spend time sitting on our sofa, watching TV, chatting to friends or eating our dinner. But there comes a time in a sofas life when enough is enough and it’s time to start afresh.

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