Choosing a Pet-Friendly Sofa

Choosing furniture for your home is a difficult enough task with many things to consider, including how much space you have, what colour you like, what shape you want, what your budget is…..the list goes on.

dog on sofa

The next big consideration however, comes if you have pets – cats and dogs in particular. Due to the amount of hair and fur that pets can leave around the house, the majority of pet owners think that it is the easiest option to get a leather sofa that hair won’t stick to. There are however other options, and what you decide to choose will depend completely on your preferences and lifestyle and what works best for you and your pet.


More modern fabrics have quite a high resistance to stains and odours, so they can be relatively easy to clean if you have a cloth and some laundry detergent to hand. Leather is very durable and easy to clean. Using a damp cloth, the surfaces can be wiped a couple of times a week to remove any hair or loose dirt.
Pet friendly microfibers can be a bit harder to clean depending on the fabric used – micro-suede is easy to wipe down, but some others can only be vacuumed and may need a special cleaning solution. Whatever material you go with, make sure you know how to clean it before you bring it home.


Smaller pets will not have much of an impact on the durability of a sofa, whereas larger pets who love being outdoors and then relaxing on the sofa will cause quite a lot of wear and tear to fabric sofas, and may result in them needing to be replaced every few years.
dog sofa
Leather can be very durable, as some leathers are processed in protective solutions before used on furniture to help their resistance against fading and scratches. Microfiber can be a favourite for pet friendly furniture, it can also be a cheaper option as the synthetic fabric imitates other materials such a suede and velvet while still resisting stains.


Obviously the comfort of your sofa is quite a big factor when making a decision about which one to get. Leather tends to be less popular regarding comfort levels, as in the winter it can be cool and slippery and not comforting at all. In the summer, leather can stick to bare skin which can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful when you have to get up after being sat down for a while.
Fabric sofas can provide comfortable seating that can breathe during summer and will help you stay warm and snuggly in the cold months of winter.
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As you can see, there are pros and cons to the different materials sofas are available in; leather is better for cleaning and durability, but fabric is much more comforting in the winter and easier to sit on in the summer.

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