Famous Movie Scene Competition Winner


We have had some really fantastic entries to our iconic furniture competition and it has definitely provided us with quite a few laughs along the way.


Some of the entries received have been very well planned out and there has been a lot of effort put into both the scenes and costumes around the furniture, but for some of the pictures we simply had to have a little giggle at just trying to work out what they were!

The pictures were judged on a number of criteria, including how much effort was put into producing the creating the picture, how relevant the picture was to the competition, how clever the picture was and how true they were to the movie or TV show they were representing.

As you may have seen from our Facebook page, our fantastic winning picture came from Craig Wood and friends:

1st Place – Austin Powers

austin powers fancy dress


Here you can see them relaxing after taking the picture:

austin powers


It was a really hard decision, but we wanted you to see some of the other entries that came close to winning:

2nd Place – Star trek

star trek fancy dress


3rd Place – Ironman

iron man fancy dress


4th Place – Goldfinger

goldfinger fancy dress


(In case you forgot what the original was…)

original goldfinger


Thanks again to everyone who took out the time to enter – keep your eyes peeled for our next competition!

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