How to Clean…A Leather Sofa

When you have splashed out on a beautiful leather sofa, the last thing you want is to watch it gradually become dirty and covered in stains and dust, so it is important to clean it regularly to ensure the quality of the leather lasts for years to come.
The standard way to clean your leather sofa would be to buy some leather furniture cleaner, but before you jump into buying expensive bottles of the stuff, check out some alternative ways that you can clean your leather with items you may already have in the house:

Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum your sofa

If your sofa doesn’t actually have any stains on the material itself, then vacuuming it could be the ideal solution. Take off all the cushions and use a small nozzle to really get the dirt and dust that may have gathered in the cracks and crevices between the cushions or down the back of the sofa. Make sure to hoover under the sofa too to ensure dust doesn’t collect over time.
Baby Wipes
If you have young children, this is something you are very likely to have somewhere in your home. These magical wipes can do amazing things to leather, but is important to make sure you use the right type. As you want the wipe to be soft, you are best off using “sensitive” baby wipes and just gently wiping every leather surface until your sofa is gleaming.


hairspray the sofa

It has happened to us all at least once, when you have been writing something and your pen has simply slipped out of your hand and ended up down the side of your sofa, well don’t fret about the ink stains. Hairspray works wonders on ink stains, just wipe it off the leather when the stain has gone, but before you start smothering it on, just try a bit on the back of your sofa first.

Nail Varnish Remover

Before you start emptying your bottles of nail varnish onto your beautiful leather sofa, the key is to use non-acetone remover as it isn’t as harsh. Don’t use the nail varnish remover all over your sofa, just on individual stains that are hard to get off. Once the stain has been removed ensure to clean the remnants of the remover off with a clean cloth. It is also a good idea to test this on the back of your sofa first to make sure there won’t be any discolouration.

Body Wash

body wash sofa

Almost everyone has a bottle of body wash in their shower. It makes a great all over cleaning solution – as long as you choose a gentle one with a moisturising effect, as these are least abrasive on soft leather. Apply the body wash with a gentle cloth and buff the leather so it gleams; the moisturising liquid will treat your leather like it treats your skin. Do not use water to rinse the solution away as too much water can be bad for leather.

Saddle Soap

If you are a horsey person, then you have the ideal cleaning solution right at your fingertips. Use a damp cloth and a small amount of the soap to clean the leather and buff it until it lathers. Wipe the soap away when you have cleaned the whole sofa and then polish the leather with a dry cloth, much like you would with a saddle.
Keep your leather sofa out of direct sunlight to ensure the leather doesn’t try out and crack. If you go on holiday for a while, it may also be a good idea to cover your sofas up to avoid dust and dirt collecting on them.

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