The life of Bespoke Products

It’s the new phenomenon! Create everything how you want it, base your life and everything you use to be the way you want it. Clothes, cars, houses, furniture, food are just a few of the products consumers are customising. Most organisations have seen the trend in customisation an offer consumers to create a product to their own specification.

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Why doesn’t believe in sales

When it comes to sofas, someone somewhere is always having a sale! Many people however go to sales and buy things they don’t need not to mention the long long waits! Sales attract people but many a time it turns out to be a wasted journey, not to mention the loss of sleep! That’s why at we don’t have a Christmas sale or a New Year’s sale or any sale for that matter. We believe in consistency all year round.

fabric corner sofa

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Sofa Retailers and What You Need To Know

Buying a sofa isn’t easy, and to make the task a lot harder so many retailers offer Sofas. However like buying any other product, be it a car or any other high end product. The more competition between organisations, the better for consumers, as each company will differ on price, quality and service. But the task of still choosing the right sofa from the right retailer remains, so we thought we’d make it easier for you and give you some pointers.

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How to Choose the Right Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are becoming more and more popular these days, as they are great for smaller homes where there isn’t necessarily enough room for a spare bed due to space being at a premium. Old school put up beds conjure images of uncomfortable thin mattresses with springs sticking out at all angles, but the sofa beds of today are comfortable, stylish and affordable too. Continue reading