Leather Versus Fabric: Which is best for your home?

Choosing a new sofa for your home can be a minefield when it comes to getting the right one, and picking the ideal sofa depends on many things, such as what kind of home you have, what style of décor is in your home, and what exactly you want out of the sofa.
fabric versus leather sofa
There’s also a question of whether you have the room or the budget to get what you want. We at Hello Sofas make it easier to check out a full range of options before making your decision, and here’s there take on this tricky subject.
So when it comes to deciding between a leather or fabric sofa, which one is best for your home?


sofa to suit deco
When it comes to décor, the truth is that both types of sofa will suit many forms and styles.
If your home is fabulously rustic however, or you’re looking for comfort to take lead over style, then quite probably, you could find a lovely fabric sofa for your home.
On the other hand however, if you are a high flying professional with a fantastically modern apartment, then perhaps a leather sofa would be more suited for your home.
At the end of the day, both fabric and leather sofas will suit either style of décor, while at the same time, some examples will not, so it is important to take your time over choosing the right sofa for your style.

Family life

dog on sofa
If you have one or two children (or pets) running around, and you are after a brand new sofa, then you may just have to prepare for a few stains to find their way to your new piece of furniture.
Assuming that this is the case, you may wish to know that a leather sofa is very easy to remove stains from, and the majority of the time, all you need is a damp cloth and a little bit of kitchen roll.
In regards to a fabric sofa however, it all depends on what you spill and how quickly you tackle the problem.
So when family life is concerned, a leather sofa may well be more appropriate for sticky little hands.


brown leather sofa
Choice is important and if you are not quite sure what you want for your home, then taking a look throughout the entire range of is important.
But which type of sofa has more variation?
When it comes down to it, you can find a huge range of styles for both kinds, though with a fabric sofa, you do tend to get a higher choice of corner sofas.
At the same time however, leather sofas are in no way all the same, as you can also purchase a beautiful Chesterfield Sofa if you’re looking for something a little classier.
Whatever you choose to do, remember to measure your room and every hallway that your sofa must pass through before it gets to where you need it to be.
After all, there’s nothing worse than two grumpy deliverymen!

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