Famous Furniture

So often we watch television and admire the décor of the rooms and furnishings and think to ourselves “that would look great in my house!” A lot of films and television programmes can be recognised simply by an iconic piece of furniture that features in the show, and is very unique or a main feature.

There are some incredibly iconic pieces of furniture found in films and famous shows from over the years. They range from simple pieces like an old sofa to outrageously designed chairs and tables.

We are currently running a competition where you can win a top of the range sofa worth £899, simply by recreating a famous furniture scene.

In case you are stuck for ideas, here are some of our favourites:

Ovalia Egg Chairs – Men in Black

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Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa


Here in the UK, we all love our sofas. They are an integral part of our lives as almost on a daily basis we spend time sitting on our sofa, watching TV, chatting to friends or eating our dinner. But there comes a time in a sofas life when enough is enough and it’s time to start afresh.

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Sofa World Records

The humble sofa is an everyday part of our lives. At least once a day we tend to sit on a sofa, whether to watch TV, eat a meal or simply socialise with friends and family.

There have been many weird and wonderful world records set using a variety of different items of furniture, but we really wanted to know, was what sofa world records had been achieved. This is what we found:

Fastest Sofa

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Interesting Sofa Facts


We all take the comfortable sofas in our homes for granted. They are there to relax on, watch TV on, socialise with friends on and occasionally sleep on. But did you know that the average life of a sofa is only 8 years, 1 month and 8 days? Obviously if you buy a very expensive sofa it may last longer and the purchase of a cheap sofa may result in it having an even shorter life span, but never the less the humble sofa gets a lot of attention and often can become the main focal point of a room.

Sofas have been around for years, but here are some very interesting facts* you may not know about the average life of a sofa:
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Which Fabric Sofas Match Which Décor Styles?


One of the many benefits of a fabric sofa(see our range here) is of course the fact that itcan fit with almost any style of décor. At the same time however, there are a huge range of fabric sofa designs as well as differing types of décor.

From traditional, rustic homes right through to contemporary and alternative, here is a quick insight into different sofas and internal décor:

Rustic décor

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The History of Leather

Here at Hello Sofas we are proud to be able to sell a wide range of sofas that have been crafted using the finest leathers from all over the world.


As we have previously released an article discussing the history of chesterfield sofas, we thought that it would be a fine idea to also discuss the history of leather so that when you buy a wonderful leather sofa, you can really appreciate the great work and history that has gone into your Continue reading

What do Chesterfield Sofas Mean to you?


Chesterfield sofas are one of the most unique sofas in history, not only because of their uniquely brilliant looks but also because they are one of the few designs in which we can actually trace today.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘chesterfield’ originates from the 1800’s and was used to describe a leather couch or sofa.

We can however, go a little further than that.
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