Which Fabric Sofas Match Which Décor Styles?


One of the many benefits of a fabric sofa(see our range here) is of course the fact that itcan fit with almost any style of décor. At the same time however, there are a huge range of fabric sofa designs as well as differing types of décor.

From traditional, rustic homes right through to contemporary and alternative, here is a quick insight into different sofas and internal décor:

Rustic décor

If your home is styled something a little like a farmhouse, then this wonderful sofa encompasses everything great about the countryside. Whether found on the darkest stone tiles or embedded in the thickest of carpets, this fabric sofa would fit any traditional home.

Modern décor

As if found within a high raised city apartment, this dark yet inviting sofa would not look out of place within the home of a high flying executive. With black and pale colours often found to be the primary elements of any modern décor design, both a cream or dark sofa will fit within a modern style.

Contemporary décor

Though it is true that contemporary décor lends itself from many styles including that of modern, it is just possible to pinpoint where the fashion stands at the moment.

With that in mind this fabulous sofa will fit within any home that is aiming for that sleek, up-to-the-minute style.


If you enjoy that holiday feeling through 365 days of the year, then there’s simply nothing wrong with cream walls, dark wooden furniture and tiled floors.

With that in mind however, comfort still needs to be satisfied for and with a wonderfully bright fabric sofa such as this, you can cater for that very need.


If you are someone who enjoys open space and floral designs, then combined with a beautiful chic home, this sofa can play host to that very whim.

With the casual placement of pillows, bright photographs and vases you can complement the style with an equally decorative sofa.

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