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Need A Sofa In Any Number Of Seats & Size?

Hello Sofas can make you any size sofa. We make small sofas to large sofas to any size you want.



Hello Sofas specialise in making made to measure size sofas. We are experienced in making small sofas to give you maximum seating space with hidden gadgets which are ideal for small homes and apartments. We also love making large sized sofas as we can really give unique ideas and add more colour to the sofa to give it a wow factor. Whatever size space you have available we can utilise it fully with the experience we have here at Hello Sofas. We have and can make anything from 1 seat sofa to 22 seater sofas - to any size sofa you want.


We have made 1 seat sofa like the chair below for a customer who had a small space between the chimney breast and a door to the kitchen. She didn't want the space being wasted and wanted space for seating when her family came around. With this 1 seater we added a swivel base action so that it goes round (keeps the children entertained). 

Hello Sofas have also made a bespoke 2 seater sofa for a customer in the Welsh mountains. This customer wanted a comfy sofa in the corridor but was limited to size.  We advised her to go for this sofa but take off the arms, which maximises the seating space. We added chrome tube legs to give it the modern look.

From the few sofa examples above you can see Hello Sofas specialise in making small seat or small sized sofas, now let us show you the bigger sofas that we have been told to make for customers. Even when we are told to make a bigger size sofa for example a 9 seater sofa there are also a few points that customer tell us before they comes to us for example :

1. A fire place on one side of the room. 

2. Patio doors

3. The raditior thickness

4. Skirting board


So then we have to use our experience to make maximise seating space in clever ways. We can make seats in sectional seats, make bigger size footstool to overcome these hiccups. See the sofas below, the Carman range. The customer wanted this sofa design but wanted to maximise seating space. We decided to take an arm off, one of the sides so that they can use it as a chaise lounge.

Carman Sofa Bespoke SizeNo sofa size is too small or too big for Hello Sofas - We make sofas bespoke for you and can provide the experience to make your dream sofa.