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Cheap Does Not Always Mean Money Well Saved

We all want to buy a cheap sofa but this sometimes turns out to be expensive. For example if you are in the market to buy a leather sofa you have 2 choices usually. A sofa is being retailed at £499 but is in faux leather and a similar sofa is at £999 but this is in real leather. Our first instinct is to buy the sofa at £499 because its cheap in price. But what if we told you, faux leather will only last for 12 months whereas real leather will last a minimum of 5 years? The sofa priced at £999 looks cheaper then because in 5 tears time the sofa will have only cost you £999 whereas with the faux leather sofa you will need to buy it 5 times within the same period. So you could have saved near enough £1,500 over 5 years.So if you can afford the better material, buy it if you want a sofa to last long.


Now buying a new sofa isn't always a bad idea. You might be buying sofas even more frequently due to a number of reasons for example:

1. When decorating your living room you will change the colour and therefore the sofa doesn’t match

2. You have children that have ruin the sofa and instead of reupholstering you buy a new sofa.

3. Pet damage? - Tears and rips.

4. Need clever ideas - Small apartment? You need storage ideas & sofa beds instead of normal sofas.



Buying Used ? What To Look Out For !

When cash is really tight buying used doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. So if you're in the mind set of buying a used sofa, we advise you on the following points to look out for to make sure you get a bargain.


Tears & Rips - When you see the sofa for the first time check for any visible rips and tears. If they are the front, not worth buying as over time they will only get bigger and then the filling will start to come out loose.


Frame - Go behind the sofa and push down on the back of the sofa. You shouldn’t hear a loud creaking sound. A small creaking noise you will always hear as these are the joints of the sofa.


Filling - Check the filling of the sofa. If the sofa is saggy and has a round indent on the seating cushion chances are you might be able to stuff it with more filling. So only buy if you know you can repair this. Sometimes you just need to turn the cushions around to rotate the filling. If the sofas are foam filled you shouldn't have too much trouble as long as the sofa frame is strong.


Read eBays guide on used sofa - they have some very good points if you are serious in buying used.


Our top tip is to buy used sofas in person. Don't buy used sofas online or over phone - you might not get a bargain. Use websites like eBay and Gumtree and search locally.


The most famous piece of furniture that gets sold on so many times from owner to owner is the traditional Chesterfield sofas. The reason goes back to our first point - Faux Leather vs. Real Leather. As the majority of Chesterfield sofas are made from real leather and as they are designed to be old and traditional, they never go out fashion - more than anything chesterfield sofas age with time. There is a famous saying that a real leather sofa feels comfy after 3 years after the leather is used. Do a search and see how much these type of sofas still go for considering there used, they don't go cheaply!

Sales? Never Ending

Chances are you will never really save money when you buy a sofa when it's on sale. We have been looking at the top sofa retailers online for the past month during December. We have seen sofas that were being sold before December 24th retailing at £499, when it comes to December 25th that same sofa price hikes up to £998. So when December 26th comes the famous boxing day sale they put the price down back at £499 and putting a big 50% sign showing how much you can save. This is our eyes is simply wrong but the big sofa shops every year gets away with it (they have the same tactics every few months).


Bargains? Ebay, Gumtree & Charity Shops

To buy a cheap sofa you need to find a bargain. With the help of modern day internet you can see 100's of sofas in a matter in minutes. Websites like Ebay, Gumtree, Pre Loved and local free ads website they connect private sellers with people who want to buy a cheap sofa, used or new.


Another way to buy cheap sofa in decent conditions is to visit your local charity shop or the Salvation Army (we have one down the road from us). The good thing about buying a sofa from the charity shop is that it will be in a better condition than buying directly from a private seller. Also the charity shops have certain requirements like : should have no rips or tears and should have all fire labels - This is so that they don't get lumbered with sofas that won’t sell and that it can genuinely benefit someone.


After reading this Hello Sofas hope you find your next affordable and high quality at a price you can afford. We have a fantastic range of new cheap sofas that we continue to add more ranges. The main reason why Hello Sofas prices are very affordable is that you are buying directly from the manufacture and we delver directly. There is no middle man and no distributors. All you pay is what’s inside your sofa. No ifs or buts.


Hello Sofas = Manufacture - You Buy - We Deliver = You Save £££'s

You will find Hello Sofas prices very affordable and cheaper compared to the high street shops or online shops  All the reasons to buy a new sofa. Need more advice or help with buying sofas? Call, email or tweet us - Hello Sofas happy to help.ction with their decor.