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Have A Big Room & Need Inspiration On What Sofas To Buy?

Hello Sofas small guide on what large sofas we can bespoke for you.



The possibilities are endless when it comes to the choices for choosing a large sofa. If you have space in abundance in your room, then you must the lucky ones that space isn’t an issue. These types of sofas are ideal for people that have a few children, or either couples that have a lot of guests for socialising.  

With a large corner sofa the average maximum number of people that would be able to sit on the sofa would be around 8 to 12. Also the average selling price for a large sofa would be anything from £900 to £1950, this which depends on the different materials being used on the sofa.


Cream Large Corner Sofa Fabric Large Corner Sofa

Large Cream Corner Sofa


Large Fabric Brown Corner Sofa

Large Black Corner Sofa Brown Large Corner Sofa
Large Black Corner Sofa Large Brown Corner Sofa

The above ranges are just some of the sofas that we sell at Hello Sofas, they can be found either in the leather sofas page or the fabric sofas sections. We can upholster a large sofa design in fabric or leather material.