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Need Help & Advice To Buy Your Family The Perfect Fabric Sofa?

Hello Sofas are here to help to make sure you think all options when buying sofas sofas.



We can show you what to look for when buying your next fabric sofa to make sure it's perfect for you and your family.

Fabric sofas are great to warm up to unlike leather sofas. In Britain sofa shops tend to display more fabric sofas ranges and sell more fabric than leather suites because of our miserable cold weather.Cold British Weather Perfect Fabric Sofa

You are probably reading this now as you may be contemplating on buying a fabric settee for your next big purchase?Then let us go through and guide you on what you need to think about before you buy a sofa that you will regret.


Sofa Filling

Ever heard of people talking about saggy cushions? If you have, chances are they have a fibre filled or a feather filled seating cushion.

As fibre and feather are a natural element they are bound to go saggy. So when you sit on the cushion/sofa you will drop into it. This is what younger people prefer and is the perfect comfy spot to sit after work, so you can lounge about in. But if you have guests around, then a fibre filled sofa isn’t so presentable when every time you sit on the sofa, you disappear into. Some sofas have been designed to have fibre filled in them, for example this Strand sofa. With a deep depth of around 105cm, you could sleep on this sofa.

Cold British Weather Perfect Strand Fabric Sofa

The filling that is better and will ensure you sofa will last longer is a foam filled sofa. Foam is a manmade product, it’s like memory foam mattresses what people use to sleep on, but these are for sofas. Although initially when sitting on a foam filled sofa, it will feel hard, but this is something that will get used and will start to getting comfy for you. But the beauty is that it won’t go saggy after 4 months of buying a new sofa and thus will make sure your sofa looks better for longer. See this Trevena Sofa.Cold British Weather Perfect Corner Trevena Fabric Sofa

Style of Sofa

What you also need to consider when buying fabric sofas is whether you want formal back or scatter back. Formal back is also known as full back, as this simply means that the cushions are more presentable. See the pictures below of which style is which.

Formal Back SofaScatter Back Sofa
Formal Back SofasScatter Back Sofa

The main reason why people choose a formal back sofa is that the cushions won't keep on moving when you sit on the sofa. Although scatter back cushions are more stylish these days as people can choose their own designs at Hello Sofas, see our Scatter Cushions Design Page for more info. However some sofa designs, especially more traditional designed suites still look better in a formal back style as the big formal pillows gives a bold character. So sometimes it boils down to the overall look you want in your living room.


If we are making your bespoke sofas then you can choose if you want formal or scatter back style sofa. Perhaps you have seen a sofa that has formal back cushions, don't worry as we can make that same sofa in scatter back vice versa with scatter back to formal back style.


Fabric Choices & Colour of Sofa

Some people want to colour match their new bespoke sofas to the colour of the room it's going into and then some people want the complete opposite to make sure the sofas stands out for everyone to spot. For example these sofas below are the same sofas but different colour and fabric. 

Blue Colour Corner SofaBrown 4 Seater Sofa


From our example you can see that the same sofa can be upholstered in different fabric to give it a unique character. You can see that the blue coloured corner sofa will be more of an eye opener than the brown coloured fabric. You should choose a fabric that will look stylish to your room for the duration of you without colour changing. If you are decorating your home as frequent as the season changes then you should stick with more of a neutral colour like greys, browns and creams. But if you have decorated your living room in a blue colour and you know you will only redecorating once a year then having a blue sofa would look okay.


You also need to have your fabric sofa upholster in a fabric that will suit your home. Although fabrics are equal in terms of hard wearing, certain fabrics leave a stroking mark like in velvet fabrics and jumbo cord. Fabrics like chenille and hopsack material are equally woven and will not leave a mark when you stroke it.


We send out free fabric swatches which you can choose from here. We send out up to 10 swatches for free, which you can choose from plains, leather, designer scatters.



The finishing of the sofa is the feet you put on the sofa. You should match your sofa feet to the colour of the carpet so that it will match better. If you have laminate flooring then chrome feet will look very modern than wooden feet. We have three standard feet but you can pick more from our catalogue to suit your sofa. See our sofa legs page. You need to decide which type of legs will suit the sofa style as well. A modern style fabric sofa will go best with a stylish fabric and therefore you will want stylish chrome legs.

Light Wooden FeetDark Wooden FeetChrome Tube


The sofa size depends on the size you have in your living room. Perhaps you have a long room but the depth is very narrow. Here we can make you a long narrow sofa. For example a customer liked the Freestyle corner sofa but didn’t have the space on the other size. So what we did is add an extra seat on the main part of the sofa and finished the sofa with an arm on one side and a chaise on the other side.

Orignal Freestyle Corner SofaMade To Measured Free Style Sofa.
Freestyle Corner Sectional Sofa Picture In Production

Hello Sofas can make you any size sofa you want in any design you want as we offer a true tailor made sofa service. Don't compromise on the sofa design simply because that's the size you have. When shopping for sofas at Hello Sofas you can have the design you want to the size you have. We will give you as much advice as possible to ensure maximum seating space for example making a corner sofa without an arm on one side of the sofa, like this sofa below :

Orignal Trevena Corner SofaMade To Measured Treven Sofa
Large Corner SofaMade To Measure Small Corner Sofa


So to make your fabric sofa a perfect buy, follow these easy steps :


1. Sofa Filling

2. Style of Sofa

3. Fabric Choices & Colour of Sofa

4. Feet - Standard & Extras

5. Size - Made to measure sofa design

6. Call to order


We have outlined all the choices you need to make when buying your perfect fabric sofa at Hello Sofas, should you need any more help we are always available to help via email and phone support. You can now visit our Yorkshire Sofa Showroom where we aim to have the best sofas out on display for you to sit on before even thinking of buying.