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Need help with buying a corner sofa?

We show you the options available when buying your next corner sofa.


Hello Sofas aim to make your sofa buying experience easy and stress free as possible and we'll also leave the industry jargon words out of it as not to confuse you and ourselves.

Depending on the layout of your home and the room a corner sofa may be the ideal type of sofa you will buy to ensure maximum seating space with the loss of space. We get many requests for corner sofas, from awkward corner shapes to a long sofa with a chaise at the end, you name it we've seen them all. Look at these corner sofas below, these are just a few we've made before for happy sofa customers.


Fabric Corner Sofa ChaiseFabric Chaise LoungeLeather Corner Recliner Sofa
Fabric Corner Sofa ChaiseFabric Chaise LoungeLeather Corner Recliner Sofa
Leather Corner Sofa ChesterfieldBig Corner Fabric SofaLarge Leather Corner Sofa
Leather Corner Sofa ChesterfieldBig Corner Fabric SofaWhite Leather Luxury Corner Sofa


You're going to need to decide what type and size your new corner sofa is going to be, we show you a few different style of corner sofas that we think you will be shopping for online.

Small Corner Sofas

If you don't have space in your home or apartment then you will no doubt be buying a small corner sofa. Just because you are buying a smaller size doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the look or the functionality of the sofa. We have made many features within a small corner sofa for past customers. See the small sofas below we have made and can bespoke for you :

Designer Small Corner SofaSmall Fabric Corner SofaSmall Corner Sofa Bed
Small Leather Corner SofaSmall Fabric Corner SofaSmall Corner Sofa With Bed

So even if you have a small space for your corner sofa, thing about the following points :-

1. Design - Very important in tight space especially when the sofa is going to be the main furniture in your room, you want to surprise your guests!

2. Storage - Think about if you need the storage. Chances are if you're short for space then consider putting storage within the sofa so you can hide things.

3. Sofa Bed - Perhaps your home is where you get people staying over, then having a small corner sofa bed will be ideal instead of them sleeping on your bed!

Final advice - Don't compromise on the design and function when buying a small corner sofa. Hello Sofas can help you design a sofa to fulfil the potential of the space you have.

Large Corner Sofas

Shopping for large corner sofas can sometimes confuse shoppers as they can buy usually any sofa to fill the space of the room. But it takes time and clever thinking to make sure that all points are ticked off to make sure the sofa is used for all purposes that your household may face. When buying a large corner sofa you need to decide if you want a chaise lounge sofa, a big corner group sofa or a corner sofa that looks like open from one side but is in fact a corner sofa. See the examples below of large corner sofas we have made :  

Chaise Leather SofaChaise With Back Corner SofaCorner Sofa - Arms Either Side
Chaise Leather SofaChaise But With Back Corner SofaCorner Sofa - Arms Either Side

Hello Sofas can make your any size you want for your new large corner sofa because we are the manufacturers. As long as you have a rough idea in mind of what you want to achieve we can guide your through designing and we'll make the sofa for you. You can have extra features like sofa beds and storage installed so you can use your sofa even more than just a comfy sofa.


Sectional Corner Sofas

An ideal sofa would be comfy, big and easy to get through your door, sometimes this is not possible for some homes but thats why sectional sofas are perfect. With these types of corner sofas you can mix and match the colour you want like this Freestyle sofa below.

Freestyle Corner Sofa

This sofa can be made in any combination you can imagine. For example the chaise, foostool, corner parts, chairs etc - Upon delivery you can put the pieces where you want to create a unique new sofa. Once set up these sofas can look quite big but they can get through the smallest of doors as each piece is separate and then clipped on together to make sure they stay together and not move about when you sit on them.

Another best seller in the sectional corner sofa is the Molise sofa. This is a designer sectional sofa which looks modern and can suit an open floor living room area. This sofa can be made in any colour or fabric. You can view this sofa click here.

Molise Sectional Sofa


What Keeps Corner Sofas & Sectional Sofas Together ?

Don't worry about get these big sofas through your door as bigger the sofa the more pieces it comes in, see this picture :

         Fabric Corner SofaFabric Corner Sofa Split
Sectional Corner Sofa

Once delivered these sofa sections will then clip in together with the help of these type of metal clips. Each piece will usually have 2 per side and they slot intogether. So when you sit on a sofa, the other side will not move.


Sectional Metal Clips

Sofa Clips On Sofa