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Choices & options to pick when buying your next leather sofa?

Read Hello Sofas easy guide to make sure you buy the right leather sofa for you and your home.


When buying a new leather sofa online or from the high street you will need to decide on the following :

1. Colour of the Sofa - To match your colour scheme.

2. Design & Style - That will suit the room.

3. Grade of Leather - Think of durability & ease of cleaning.


When also buying a leather sofa you will want to decide what type of leather sofa you want, here are some to choose from. Usually you can only pick 1 of the below but because we at Hello Sofas manufacture the sofa you want mix and match, so that you can have a leather recliner sofa or maybe a leather sofa bed in a sofa suite.


Large Leather Corner SofaChaise Lounge StyleLeather Sofa Suite
 Large Leather Corner SofaChaise Leather Style Sofa Leather Sofa Suite 
Recliner SofaChesterfield Type SofaSmall Leather Corner Sofa 
Leather Recliner SofaLeather Chesterfield SofaSmall Leather Corner Sofa


1. Picking The Right Colour For Your New Leather Sofa

This is the first decision you will come across when buying a sofa, the colour. This is so that it blends in the room that the sofa is going to stay in and also for practical reasons. For example if you have children, which many households do have then the colour cream or white will not even come on your mind. See our popular colours that people will buy when buying a leather sofa.

Brown - Ideal colour for your next leather sofa maybe?

Small Leather Corner Sofa


A brown leather sofa will suit many households as it can go well with a brown carpet and beige coloured walls. This colour also looks natural as leather insides are also brown. Plus the colour brown will not show easy marks, ideal for when you have kids running about. Brown on a leather sofa is very popular, if you search for second hand leather sofas you will see that the majority of these sofas are in brown and second is black colour leather sofa.


Black - The most popular colour in fashion

Leather Sofa Suite The colour black is usually symbolised in the 21st Century to be evil & dark. But when it comes to fashion the colour black is widely worn and used. Imagine a black leather sofa in your home, maybe its too bold and looks cold but what if you had pets & children, then a black colour leather sofa is what you will end up buying, for practical reasons of course.

Red - A vibrant colour that will wow people

Red Black Leather Sofa


Maybe a red leather sofa is the perfect colour for you? Or maybe red with another colour like the sofa on the left here?

Which ever colour you go for, the colour red will amaze people and will definitely give your living room a wow factor because how many homes will have a red leather sofa inside the? Not a lot, but it suits most homes, without people realising.

Buying a red leather sofa is probably like buying an orange leather sofa or a green coloured leather sofa, if you're into vibrant colours then red should be your next colour choice. Have a look at the sofa on the right here and think about it.


Red Leather Sofa

White - Perfect for an apartment & city living individuals

Buying a white leather sofa to some is risky, but not in all cases. If you live in an apartment or you have no children (yet) then you could enjoy have a perfect white leather sofa. Why do we say perfect and white together? Its because a leather sofa best looks in the colour white, when a picture is taken of a leather first time, then its taken in the white colour, like the images below.

White Leather Sofas Show


The colour white brings out the best on a sofa especially if they have unique features, like stitching, adjustable headrest and recliner functions. If you have children or pets that love to snuggle up on a sofa then maybe white is not advisable, but we have off whites and plenty of shades of creams and beige. Having a colour apart from white on a leather sofa will hide marks very easily and therefore will make your new leather sofa looking new for a very long time.

But we have a growing selection of white coloured sofa mixed with another colour, like black, red, orange. See these sofas below.


White Sofas With Black Trim Show

2. Design & Style of the leather sofa - Traditional, Retro or Modern?

You might now have considered which colour you want your new sofa to be and depending on the look you are creating you now need to decide the style of the sofa. Do you want a leather traditional sofa with all the studwork like a Chesterfield sofa or maybe you want a traditional sofa with a heritage feel.

Traditional Leather Sofa

      Traditional Heritage Sofa

If you live in a Edwardian cottage that has not been modernised then traditional sofas will go quite well, especially raw oak flooring with stone work still left bear, like this room. We have a great selection of traditional leather sofas like our Boston and Newport which you should look at if you are thinking of older looking designs.


For homes that are loking for new designs then we have a growing selection of modern leather sofas which are perfect for people who want to freshen up thier living rooms. With our modern leather sofas we have adjustable headrests that will come in handy when putting your head back after a hard days work. With modern looking sofas you will also fine they are much more practical if you have children as they are easier to maintain and look after.


Modern Leather Sofas Show

Plus with modern leather sofas you will have more flexibility when buying at Hello Sofas because we can add extra features like sofa beds, i pod docking stations and even recliner to these style of sofas whereas with traditional leather sofas some extra "gadgets" will not suit the style. 

If you're stuck in the middle then we have a small but growing selection of retro sofas, for example the Artisan sofa range. These may look traditional but with the single stitching at the back it makes it a modern looking sofa.

Artisan Leather Sofa


3. Types of Leather - Which grade is best for your home ?

At Hello Sofas we offer you a range of leather that will suit your colour taste, ease of cleaning and price. We have the following grade of leather.


- Faux Leather

- Bonded Leather

- Real Leather

Buying a new leather sofa by colour?

Shopping Leather Sofas By Colour

When buying a leather sofa from Hello Sofas you can have your leather sofa in any colour of the rainbow. We source a variety of colours that will suit any living room as we buy our leather from Germany, Italy and even far as Brazil. Imagine a colour and chances are we have it and can upholster your new leather sofa in that colour.  If you like a particular colour then you will end up buying that grade of leather. From our grades of leather, each grade has a range of different colours so you have a big choice to choose from.


Want a leather suite that is easy to clean?

Shopping Leather Sofas That Is Easy To Clean 

Perhaps your buying a new leather sofa that you can easily maintain and clean? Whichever grade you use, you can always apply easy and affordable ways to keep your new leather sofa lasting for a long time. If choosing faux leather we advise not to use any chemical liquids as they can absorb the ink that gives the material it's unique colour. To keep bonded leather sofas looking new, use something like baby wipes to keep clean. With real leather sofas a damp warm cloth soaked in soapy water can be used to clean the sofa.

Our best advice is to clean up straight away after you spill on the sofa to make sure the leather does not soak in anything. Faux leather sofas and bonded leather sofas are easier to maintain, but real leather sofas will look better as time passes. As the real leather is natural, it ages with time. We also have written how to clean your leather sofas over here. 


Shopping for leather sofas by price?

Shopping Leather Sofas On Cheap

Shopping Leather Sofas On Credit

When shopping for leather sofas on a budget or by price you will have to be careful to make sure what you are buying is the right leather you are paying for. In the market for a cheap leather sofa under £500? It’s not going to be leather at the price. The chances are you won't be able to buy a real leather sofa suite for that much. When buying real leather sofas make sure you see that you are buying a 100% real leather sofa. What certain sofa shops do is sell a leather sofa and label it as a real leather sofa. But when you look closely you will see that real leather is only upholstered on the seats and everywhere else they are have used cheap faux leather that will crack and split after a few months. Read our “Real Leather Info” page and see why natural luxury leather is expensive.

Hello Sofas manufactures quality bespoke and made to measure leather sofas and also retails quality leather sofas so we will always tell customers what exactly they are buying in terms of leather grades.

To conclude Hello Sofas leather sofas buying guide, make sure you pick the right grade of leather that will make your money go further in terms of buying a leather sofa that will last long but will also look good in your home.


We hope we have made it easy for you to understand about the different options to think about when buying your new leather sofa. However if you need further help and advice, we are always happy to help. You can call us, email us or visit us in person to our Yorkshire Sofa Showroom.