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We show you the styles and sizes you can have made at Hello Sofas.



When it comes to sofas in the whole of Europe, it’s only the United Kingdom that is different from the rest of Europe where they prefer fabric over leather. In most of Europe they prefer a leather sofa that has multi functions like a pull out sofa bed and a storage sofa. With the UK they prefer fabric sofas and the only logic reason behind that is because of the weather. Many British people prefer to snuggle down and relax on a fabric sofa versus a leather sofa.


The bestselling colour in a fabric corner sofa has to be brown, mocha, and coffee, black, grey and again these types of colours go with most surroundings.  

Grey Fabric Corner SofaScatter Back Fabric Corner Sofa
Grey Fabric Corner Sofa

Scatter Back Fabric Corner Sofa


Cream Fabric Corner Sofa

Black Fabric Corner Sofa - Formal Back

Cream Fabric Corner SofaBlack Fabric Corner Sofa - Formal Back

Large Fabric Corner Sofa

Large Fabric Corner Sofa

We have a Riva sofa in stock which a fantastic fabric sofa which is ideal for a small or large family. The average number of people that would be able to sit on these corner sofas would be between 4 and 6 people and as for the general cost these sofas normally sell for £600 to £950. You could pay considerately more at other retailers but here at visit our fabric corner sofas section to find value for money.