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Bonded leather is the new leather. It allows us to yield more as it is readily available. Bonded leather has the look and feel of natural leather that you will find on an animal's hide, but with a much improved resistance to marks and scratching. This new kind of leather is soft, yet highly durable, This new bonded leather improves with age, so your new leather sofas will stay looking good for years to come.

Bonded Leather Factory 2  Bonded Leather Factory 1


The main features of bonded leather is:   

- Increased durability    

- Easy cleaning

- No need for expensive cleaning equipment 

- No natural scarring or blemishes, offering a uniformed look that lasts

- Kinder to the environment - There’s no processing treatments applied

- Average thickness is 2-3mm (real leather 2-4mm)


Bonded Leather Factory 3  Bonded Leather Factory 4


Bonded leather is made from 70% leather and man-made fibres, giving you an affordable leather sofa.


Click here to see our range of bonded leather colours.

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