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Real Leather Is Expensive

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The main reason why real leather is expensive is because it is a natural raw material of an animals skin and then it has to go through many processes to turn it into a material that can be used for manufacturing. It takes a lot of time in waiting and in man hours and chemicals have to used and then it has to be transported around different manufacturing facilities to complete a product.                       

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Our real leather sofas are expensive when you start comparing us to likes of high street shops because when we make a real leather sofa, it will be made from 100% real leather. Other sofa retailers are using the words like "Made from real leather" but all you are getting is real leather on less than 15% of the sofa. They then use pu/pvc or even cheaper materials on other parts of the sofa just so they can keep the price down of the sofa.

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So if you want a real leather sofa thats cheap, just be careful what you are really buying. When you buy a real leather sofa from HelloSofas you can rest assured that you will be buying a real leather sofa. If you want an alternative we offer bonded leather which is better than real leather due to the price/range of colours available.


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